"I have to say, Tell-All was a spectacular read."   

Val, You Gotta Read Reviews
                                                                          Rating: You Gotta Read

"Tell-All is such a sweet romance that you cannot help but smile all the way through.  The words flow smoothly and the characters are warm and friendly."

                                                                        ~ Matilda, Coffee Time Romance
                                                                         Rating: 5 Cups

"TELL-ALL is well-written and compelling, a story that shows there is no limit to what hearts will do to safeguard what they cherish most. It is a tale of family, secrets, and loyalty, and it drew me in on the very first page."   
                                                                       ~ Kay James, Romance Reader at Heart
Rating: 4 Roses

"Nell Carson's Tell-All is an engaging story with the mystery always in the background of the book.  Tell-All is a page turner, I was unable to put it down waiting anxiously to see what happened next."
                                                                       ~ SingleTitles.com 
Rating: 4 Stars

"There is a gentle, giving sweetness in Tell-All that lingers long after all the trials and tribulations pass. MOST SATISFYING."

                                                                         ~ Camellia, Long and Short Reviews
                                                                           Rating: 4.5 Books

"Ms Carson has crafted such a heart-warming, emotion pulling, wonderful story. The way the characters came to life, the emotion that jumped off the pages and the realness of the situations captivated me in an iron fist."

                                                                        ~ Seriously Reviewed

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